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Do you remember when you were three or when your child was three and they always asked the question, “why?” At this age, kids are curious about discovering how the world works, they never question your response they just simply want to know more about the world they are living in. That kind of curiosity and searching is the very heart behind the series. We believe that every person must have an answer to the four big questions of life: origin, meaning, destiny, and the problem of evil and suffering. Maybe you have wondered that as well… “where did we come from and how did we get here?” “what is the meaning and purpose of life?” “what is there after this life?” and “how do we know what is right and wrong and how do we make sense of all the evil in the world?” Although people chase all kinds of worldviews to answer those questions, we believe that the worldview of Christ provides the best, most cohesive and, consistent answers. Join us as we look to the Bible to answer life’s “Big Questions.”

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Sunday Morning – 10:30


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Christview exists to worship God, grow in Christ, and serve one another.